This winter started selling some fly rods that for years had not used or sometimes fishing counted. I sold one of those semi-automatic reels that never used because I always use manual large arbour fly reels. One of the buyers of reeds for sale, turned out to be a fisherman in Galicia, the land of a thousand rivers. It is called Juan and our frequent telephone conversations tells me about fishing in their land, trout, sea trout and salmon, wild boar hunting in gang with few dogs and stalls, fishing in brooks and medium rivers villages trout small and medium size. Juan is passionate about the mountain and the river, fishing and hunting since childhood and has in his veins a fisherman and a real hunter. It is a noble, humble and spontaneous person. He likes most to talk about rivers and their fish catches he get. In one of our pleasant conversations he explained how difficult it has had in life and everything that has to work hard to reach a goal, a goal.

– Life must take it as it comes … -. Tells me as a person who has been able to accept the ravages of living.

The kindness with which flatters me my good friend and simple, is not free and is not forced. Talking to other Galician fishermen tell me that you know and tell me that John is a good citizen, honest and hardworking and passionate about fishing for trout and sea trout and hunting with dogs for wild boar, which loves as children.

In some ways it reminds me of myself and many other friends and acquaintances who have had to work and study hard to reach our goal in life. None has become rich or famous. The aim is to seek happiness in yourself, knowing in depth and recognizing their own shortcomings. That the material does not provide happiness but impoverishes, and that money only serves to live, and get rich does not fit into their plans because it brings too many sleepless nights to keep earning a lot of money and not lose it or die trying it.

They are people who are happy watching and reading nature and its inhabitants without utensils utilitarian transport and some old gear, the important thing lies in what and how things are done. How plane excursions, passion and enthusiasm that you think about the next start or have just completed are planned. It’s great to know that you can go there near the water moved, old and tall trees, from the wet stones and the smell of wet grass that is a mat under our soles! … Actually the fisherman who thinks this, it is already fishing!

There is one thing I enjoy especially fly fishing: the preparation of useful and flies which I intend to use in the next day. It gives me great entertainment and an illusion that has remained intact for many years.

But fly fishing is not the same without friends to share it. My friends are noble and simple, humble and workers who do not allow themselves discouraged by the many obstacles it continually tests us life people.

Recently, a good friend of Lleida recovering from a complicated cancer. One of his biggest dreams is to know that in March, go fishing in the river Segre to see the hatching of eclosions of baetis rhodani at noon and try to capture some of their big brown trout.

Every time we talk tells me – and requires less … next month, you know … in the flat waters of the Segre … the trout rise…-.

I’m waiting to return to Galicia and see my friends, throw with my old fly rod and hear the click of my reel as I pick up line between calm waters, surrounded by green and gentle hills. Recently, I recived a gift. A great collection of dry flies. They are superbly mounted, all in parachute, and I think will be fantastic and great fish with them; I want to share them with my friends.

Life passes quickly, much more than that sometimes I can even think or imagine, however when I’m on the river with the water up to my thighs and throwing with my fly rod looking a distant fish, time seems to stop for a moment to let savor the incomparable pleasure of the moment. Juan understands all this and live passionately for it, does not need more money than needed to live and it is an extraordinary communicator. He explains and describes with great knowledge and devotion his adventures along the river and through the woods with nothing more than the essentials. He has also overcome cancer a few years ago. Apparently there are many people that likes and love him. Juan is a winner.

~ Carles V.

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