In Catalonia it’s possible to fish wild trout all year and all days in extensive zones with catch and release. In autumn the trout fishing is excellent especially with dry flies and also nymphs, big trout are very active. In winter you can practise your favourite sport with wild trout (brown & rainbow) and you can fish trophy trout. The rivers Segre, Ter and Llobregat have extensive zones that you will fish all the year, all the seasons and all the days.

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Counseling Service

The Counseling Service provides comprehensive advice for those fishermen who want to fish independently, but with prior knowledge of the river conditions, the most suitable sections for the days they plan to fish, the best patterns for specific river section and fishing season, the appropriate fly equipment, and guidance on obtaining fishing permits and licenses. Additionally, a custom map or sketch will be provided to know exactly where to park the car and where to start fishing.

An itinerary will also be provided to help choose the best driving route, along with comprehensive information on hotels at varying prices based on each hotel’s category. Finally, a weather forecast for the area and days you select to fly fish will be provided.

In a nutshell, you will be equipped with the necessary information to fly fish on your own in the river of your choice. You will be able to plan your travel route and fishing itinerary to reach the river comfortably and securely, without wasting time looking for suitable fishing, traveling and lodging locations. You will be informed of everything you need to know to be able to fish with adequate guarantees. Everything else will only depend on your skill and knowledge of fly fishing.

For more information about this service and a personalized quote, please feel free to contact me.

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