For some time I was looking for a long fly rod of little weight to fish nymph with a very light fishing line. So I ended up calling Alejandro Viñuales who was working for years on a fly rod for nymph fishing with a light line. Alejandro, hello good morning, how are you? I am looking for a rod for nymph that does not weigh and that is fast and at the same time can hold a great fish. Yes? Well, I’m going to send you something you’ll like. I’ve been working on it for a while. It is 10.5 feet and is line 3. And this can with large fish? You try it and if you don’t like it, you send it to me again. It is called SX and I assure you that the combination of blank and the resins used give the new rod an unparalleled action in the current market reeds.


At first glance the new SX has a sober appearance, a well-constructed fly rod with top quality materials with austere but very concise finishes to accentuate its lightness. The balance of the rod once mounted with the reel is surprising. Is almost perfect. It practically does not nod at all and the feeling of touch without a fishing line is of a rod with an ultra-fast tip with a very powerful butt. All the rings of the rod are RECOIL, the rings that do not break and that can be folded without losing the initial posture. The seat reel is completely synthetic so you don’t have to worry about wetting and dirt. The cork is of good quality AA.

The blank of the new SX is of a quality and perfection when it comes to fishing with a nymph, unmatched by any other rod in the market. The five layers of graphite and the special resins with which it has been conceived give the new SX a fast loading, precision and above all a homogeneous force throughout the rod. The rod itself looks like a fast and progressive rod, but the tip section has an amazing speed, it is ultra fast. Load and shoot without staggering an tittle and ensure accuracy to the centimeter. This is very important in a nymph rod since trout bite quickly and must be hooked at the same moment. The tip section of the new SX is so fast and precise that it spikes at the same time that the fish takes the artificial one. It is important to know that this new model has been designed to fish nymphs with a very light line.


After suffering a tremendous family misfortune on a sunny autumn day I went to my favorite corner of the Segre River to test my new rod. The first cast in the tail of a long well was a complete disaster. Not being familiar with the rod and the extra light line, the cast was short and inaccurate. When he was going to pick up the line to make a new cast and without waiting in any way a beautiful brown trout was caught in one of the nymphs. I returned it to the water and in the following two sets exactly the same happened: defective casts and a new fish caught. On the fourth cast, he trickled another trout that escaped this time. I think I had more than luck in catching that fish and stinging the remaining three in four consecutive casts. The rod had stuck the fish at the same moment they had taked and practically without any effort.

A few days later I returned to the same place at noon.I fished in a deep current that emanated from the same pool from the previous time. Fishing through and letting the nymphs sink to the rhythm of the current with the loose line but with a very slight tension I managed to catch a dozen large brown trouts without moving, plus three more losses, one of which was a really big fish that cut the line. The feeling with the new SX was comfortable in the cadt with good precision, this time I was more accustomed to it, and especially the total absence of fatigue after a few hours of fishing. Surprisingly, the rod had an enormous strength in the butt which made it possible to bring trout 50 and 60 centimeters to the net. The entire rod was bending progressively, reaching the maximum point on the butt that came into action only with the large specimens and that allowed them to get tired enough to be put in the net. Not satisfied enough with this I set out to fish the great rainbows of the river. They are fish between 60 and 75cm, strong and vigorous that are not easy to deceive and even less to dominate. The tremendous heel strength of the SX could also with these superb specimens of rainbow trout.


The new SX from Maxia Fly Rods is a very well designed and built instrument, worthy of the most demanding fisherman, being its main qualities: lightness, precision, speed, balance and a huge reserve force to fight with large and vigorous fish. Ultra fast tip section in a progressive fast rod. Special blank with graphite and latest technology resins.

It has been tested with great success by Argentine fishermen fishing nymph the great brown seatrout of the southern hemisphere and even more, it is a rod that has a great acceptance in the competition. The case is made of aluminum and comes with a green case. The case has a rubber medallion containing the SX model and the Maxia brand. The new Maxia SX is manufactured in 13 different models with lengths ranging from 9.5 feet to 10.8 feet and weight lines 2,3,4 and 5, the latter weight is used to fish Argentine sea browntrout.

~ Carles V.

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