“The great gift of fishing is the happiness it brings us. Time has taught me that fishing is not measured by the number of catches or the size of these, but in happiness “

I have never liked to compete and even less in fly fishing. Fishing and specifically fly fishing cannot be an obsession, in any case a passion. Obsessing over catching a fish or stinging as many fish as possible is a huge mistake for me.

The purpose of fly fishing is to have a pleasant time absorbed not only in casting a beautiful fish and catching it, but in living for a few hours in the river. Furthermore, fly fishing provides a release for our nerves and is a balm for our inner tranquility.

Dame Juliane Berners used to say in the 14th century: “go fishing not for the amount of fish you can catch but for the health of your body and more for the health of your spirit”

This simple message is the crux of everything. Fly fishing is an invitation to enjoy nature in close company that also teaches us and helps us to be better people as well as fishermen.

The fly fisherman is one who likes to observe and go deep, in addition to catching trout or huge salmon. Fly fishing is partly looking at a landscape or just other anglers casting or fishing.

For me, competition in fly fishing is the perversion of a beautiful art to turn it into an obsessive impulse. For me it does not make any sense, in fact I could not do it because I would feel bad if I went to the river with the sole intention of making the most of it and seeing others only as my adversaries including the fish themselves.

I have good friends who like to compete frequently. Their vision and perception of fly fishing varies markedly. When they talk to me about fishing, they all always specify the same points: river level, weather conditions, fish activity and number of catches. The number of captures is always what is truly important.

When they only catch a few fish, it is a bad and boring day, on the other hand, if they catch a large number of small fish it is an entertaining day and if by chance, in addition to fishing in abundance, they hook several large trout, it is a spectacular day. They seem to be working and not enjoying a day of fishing. All this for me is depressing because when they started fishing with a fly rod, their concept of fishing was completely different.

As they tell me, they learn tricks and perfect techniques to catch more and more fish. Their competitive instinct forces them to look at the river differently. They only see it as the stage for their future catches and adopt a strategy to fish in it in one way or another. The desire to fish without stopping makes the individual is permanently competing with the river, the fish and with himself.

On the other hand, they are bad observers because they only care about shooting constantly following a pre-established script and they do not enjoy the pleasure of casting with a fly rod or the wonderful and peaceful environment in which they are immersed. They are just trying to catch fish and more fish. I honestly believe that the trees do not let them see the forest, but this is not why they are going to stop being my friends nor am I going to stop fishing with them.

I have been lucky enough to go fishing with people from all over the world and I have learned from all of them and what the vast majority have always transmitted to me in our outings, is the feeling of freedom, the liberation of the spirit, luck to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the river and of course to catch some wonderful fish that jump when they are caught on the hook. One of them told me years ago: “Carles, the worst day of fishing is infinitely better than the best day at work.”

“The great gift of fishing is the happiness it brings us. Time has taught me that fishing is not measured by the number of catches or the size of these, but in happiness “

It is highly recommended to go fishing once a week, to escape from this unintelligible and stressed society, because nature accepts us to be part of it and because even today we are very lucky to go to the river and be able to catch some wonderful fish with a rod that makes fly a fly.

¬ Carles V.

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