Cast with a fly rod is a fun exercise. It’s exciting. You throw line and go flying through the air and finally see it fall and settle gently into the water. Beautiful! (Mel Krieger).
Cast with a fly rod is not difficult. It is easier to learn to drive a car for what we need arms, feet and hands. However there are many people that every week they get their driving license.
Cast with a fly rod is a conscious bio-mechanical exercise, which has just made unconsciously. Is that the casting instructors call: muscle memory.
This is a fun exercise that is done in a very beautiful and quiet environment where one can relax and savor every moment. In no way is a difficult discipline. It is more mental than physical appearance, that is, your body will respond the instructions of your brain. You have to “think” the movement and make slowly. The fly cast is harmonious.

It is very important to have a reasonable minimum fly cast level. You must learn 4 basic casts: stand up and lay down, the roll cast, the false cast  and finally the front cast. With these four basic, one can go to the river and face most fishing situations.

To execute a good shot, we have to learn to use the right way, forearm, elbow and finally the shoulder. This is very important because it is the base and from here you can go forward on the fly cast. Another important aspect is to load the rod. Load the rod means feeling that the rod bends to project the heavy line or fly line.
No less important is the stop of the rod. Stop the rod means STOP! This stop should be sharp, dry but not violent. Finally, we should wait for the line to extend. We expect more as we get more line. All this there are plenty of videos on the Internet that will serve as a great help. One thing I wanted to say is that whoever is lucky enough to have a professional instructor near you, no better than this to teach in a session to cope with a fly rod and competent in the fly cast. It is also possible that there is some association regularly conduct free courses of fly casting. Go to one of these courses, do not be complex, precisely these courses are intended for people like you. Surely the other participants have the same level or lower than you and if they are better casters can learn them all.

“Being competent in the fly cast”. It is very important to learn to throw properly. Throwing is not to push the rod, neither is move your wrist back and forth, it is not hard to move the rod back and forth at full speed. The fly cast is much easier. Do not move the wrist, firm hold and grip the rod loosely as a heavy object to fall.

Today many fishermens fish whith a nymph just straight because apart from its great effectiveness in fishing is a technique in which the fly cast is not necessary. But what happens when we want to catch the fish on the opposite bank at a distance, or cast a streamer in a lake or sea fishing or just dry fly in a wide, flowing river ???
Unless we launch we can not enjoy our fishing fly rod. It is for this reason that it is very important to practice a few times a week to improve our fly cast. It does not take much time. 25 minutes are enough for a small session and a half hours is the maximum advised. The point is that the sessions will repeat evenly throughout the month. This is a distraction, this is very important, “we will distract and have fun throwing with a fly rod,” not a disciplinary obligation. As one is practicing his fly cast is improving and advancing. You can practice near his house on a lawn in a pool or on a surface that will not damage the line, a parquet or smooth floor of a sports center. The question is to spend a few hours a month to improve and evolve our fly cast. These sessions are something fun for me, very distracted and give me a great recreation. To practice the essential movements do not need to leave home. You can do it first, in fact it is advisable, without cane and then only need to practice only with the handle of the rod.

If you do these sessions for a few months, you will achieve a beautiful fly cast and much fun with his fly rod, “will be competent in the fly cast”. The fly cast is very important because it is the basis of fly fishing. This will allow you to have fun and achieve catch more fish when you go fishing with a rod with heavy line. As you practice gain distance and accuracy. The movements of beginnings will become common in the fly cast because you and be internalized enough.

Fly fishing is a pleasure and fun. As I go on the fly cast, I realize that I can always learn a little more, as the launches while I fish in the river, to present a dry fly avoiding the fastidious dredging in different water conditions. These small steps make it even more enjoyable and rewarding my excursions on the river.

~ Carles Vivé

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