Poem “The feel of fly fishing”

I go fish because I desire the spiritual peace and I love the sought solitude. Because I love walking by the river and the rumor of the stream please me, surrounded by old trees and wild animals. Because the fly rod and the reel seems to me a wonderful instrument, like a musician playing with a Stradivarius. Because every day I see the sunrise from my window, I think it will be a great day and a unique opportunity to experience the nature that always is simple, humble and spontaneous. Because cast with a fly rod is a fun exercise and a passion. Because a lot of times I hate the man world and the big cities, full of falsehood and deceit, envy and hatred, where the money and the power seems the most important thing. Because every time I go fishing is a blessing and each captured trout and returned to the water, constitute a happy event. Because it may be the last time. Because the river is like a living being that speaks to me, whom I love deeply, full of life and ancient stones. Because sometimes I can see my soul reflected in the clear waters of the river.

In the nature I can see, smell and listen, I can feel in the deepest of my heart. Is a continuous training in all my senses. Not a day while learning something new. The river shows me every day the long path of humility and the fish tested my patience.

While fishing, I often think all of those persons who love me and I love. I remember and miss deeply all those who have love me and have disappeared. The goodness of human being is infinite, and the evil ends there, where the goodness begins again. In the river the everyday problems disappear and a sublime energy fills and renews my spirit.

At the end of the day, at twilight, across the river environment enters a peaceful calm, a delicious silence, at the moment that the waters of the river seems to fade in to the environment. In these moments of quiet romance is when I fish totally absorbed in the mystery of the waters hoping to see and catch a big fish. All is dim and lofty, I can fell and perceive with absolute clarity.

The river, the forests and the mountains are the most beautiful and animated world that I have ever dreamed.

In the end it boils down in a few words and one thing: the sought solitude in the charming company of nature and the fishing passion, break free my spirit and fill my live with the most beautiful emotions. Love.

~ Carles V.

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