For years I have been looking for a light reel and multiplier to fly fish and catch the line quickly and comfortably. Recently the Swiss brand Peux had presented the new series of Speedline fly reels in three different models: the Speedline, the Classic and the Speedline light. The series complemented the saga with a new, remarkably light, classic-looking fly reel with normal recovery, the Futuro model. To these four models of manual fly reels, we must add the Fulgor range, which are ultra fast reels with a lever collection system, already well known by all fishermen in southern Europe.

The reels that I chose were the manual reels of the Speedline series in the models for lines 4-5 of 132gr of weight and 5-6 of 144gr of weight. With this pair of reels my needs to fish in large and medium rivers were covered.

Peux Speedline reels are authentic handcrafted pieces one by one. For its construction, the best aerospace aluminum is used, highly resistant to shocks and scratches. The skeleton of the reel is made from a single piece of the best aluminum that is shaped with modern numerical control machinery. At the end a solid piece is obtained where the entire gear system will be inserted for the multiplier and anti reverse function. The gears are solid solid bronze parts that the manufacturer recommends greasing with petroleum jelly oil or sewing machine oil every 8 to 10 fishing trips. The gear system is well protected on one of the sides of the reel, without in any way the tippet can get tangled in them. An Allen key is used to open this device. Unlike all the fly reels on the market, the bronze gears of the Peux reels give it a very long longevity unlike the Teflon discs that end up losing their effectiveness due to the friction and abrasion that they suffer when braking large fish.

The Speedline spool is an ultralight aluminum Mid Arbor. A great advantage is that spool is inserted inside the reel, so that in the event of a fall in the river, the spool is safe from the blows that on other reels end up twisted, making it difficult and very faulty to recover the fishing line.

The anti-reverse system is just wonderful. To activate it, simply move the button located on the side of the reel where the crank is located, so that the reel is blocked by the clutch, preventing the crank from moving backwards. This is extremely useful in recovering large fish. And here comes the best of all: the Peux drag system. While we retrieve the piece with the anti-reverse system activated, the reel drag is also activated so that if at the same time of pick-up the fish kicks or starts a race, the spool slips like a spool on a spinning reel, avoiding untimely line breakage. The recovery of the line with the Peux reels is of an incomparable smoothness and very fine.

The Speedline reel still has other pleasant technical surprises in store for us. The first is the auxiliary drag, and I read literally: the auxiliary drag is a system that cancels the inertia force of the spool. In other words, we will regulate at what force we want to remove the line from the reel without for this influencing at all the second drag system of the Peux reel (the fighting drag) that will be regulated to our liking according to the diameter of the tippet we use. This in my opinion is a fantastic invention when it comes to fighting big fish. The Peux fighting drag can be readjusted at the angler’s discretion at the same moment of the fight. The reel has a recovery speed of 1.25 meters of line per turn of crank, which makes it an ultra-fast machine when it comes to storing the line to the spool and therefore, and without a doubt, is the fastest reel in the world current market.

For the last surprise, the reel has the “Bloc fil” system so that when we finish our day of fishing we put our tippet under the tab of the reel seat so that it is held and we do not have to look for it inside the spool . Removing the spool from the Peux reel is very easy and convenient. It is enough to press it out so that the tabs that hold it open to release the spool. The reel is superbly protected in a quality case – bag with internal foam with capacity for the reel plus a spare spool, which I recommend purchasing at the time of purchase since it will serve to store two different lines and easily interchangeable if it were multi spool reel or interchangeable spools.

The Peux Classic range procures some beautiful models of unmatched quality with the same virtues as the Speedline, the only difference being the classic appearance that allows a trout, salmon, or any inscription that you want to be engraved on your side perpetuate. The Classic model is little heavier than the Speedline but makes up for it with its unmatched beauty. The two models are made in 5 sizes ranging from 2-3 to powerful 9-10, very suitable for fishing for salmon, steelhead or large predators. The backing capacity on all models is enormous and much higher than that indicated in the Peux catalog. Model 4-5 in line 5 has a capacity of 70mts for backing of 20lbs. To finish, the Speedline SL light model is a reel for lovers of fishing in mountain streams and low flow rivers, also multiplier but without the anti-reverse system. It is extremely light and it is manufactured in two models, the first of line 3 and 103gr of weight and the second of line 4 and 115gr.

The Peux Futuro reel is a classic manual reel with a very pleasant use and appearance, micrometric and ultralight. It is manufactured in three models: line 3 and 83gr, line 4 and 91gr and line 6 and 103gr. All Peux reels have a 5 year warranty. The purchase of a Peux reel is the purchase of a reel for a fisherman’s life, although its price is not cheap, its great advantages and splendid quality will more than compensate for your well-spent money.

~ Carles V.

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