The rings of this model (titanium) are of great quality and promise to last as long as the rod lives, provided that the lines between them are in condition. The assembly of the rings in all Maxia rods is hand-made by an expert assembler, as is a good quality Portuguese cork lace and the blank reel holder with high-quality adhesive tails. As for a constructive criticism with all the reeds Maxia is the reel seat. The reel seat is not up to this brand of rods. It is thin and of a somewhat deficient setting. This aspect could be improved by adding a few euros more in the price; this should not be an insurmountable obstacle to continue selling at a good pace an eminently very good and increasingly well-known product.

The transport tube is very simple, built in PVC and lined in black plastic with a rubber stopper, but it is comfortable and functional, with a favorable look, which is that it does not take so much temperature in summer, compared to a tube of aluminum when you spend many hours in the trunk or on the car tray, which can lead to damage to the rod, especially in the adhesive tails to stick the ring. The cover is also very simple in a fiber somewhat coarse, but being rigid facilitates the entry of the different sections of the rod in it.

The Maxia rods are becoming a world reference in the new modality of nymph fishing or European Nymph Style. Every time they are more and more known throughout Europe, so much so that sometimes the factory Maxia has periods of two months of delivery because it simply does not give to the supply of manufacturing and mounting so many rods without losing the traditional and conscientious way of doing them. The Maxia rods are already very popular in France, Italy and the United Kingdom. It should also be noted that the Maxia rods have won the world championship of fly casting with fly rod, and that in addition the national fishing team of Spain, has 3 championships on the podium using this brand of fly rods fishing in all kinds of scenarios. The guarantee of the Maxia rods is for life and as in most guarantees of the current fly rods, you have to pay a small amount to exchange the broken or damaged section for another. MAXIA TC FLY RODS This model is one of my favourites because I usually fish with a line 5, so I have already acquired the TC model in three sections for this line weight. This model also exists in 4 sections and in the same weight 5, (this same model in 4 sections with the variant “T” that is exclusively designed for casting competition). The Maxia TC rods are more powerful than the Mx rods. It is a blank very similar to the blank Mx but reinforced (Double Helix technology) with graphite fibers in a double helix, to have more power and cast longer can fight with large fish. Maxia TC rods would define them as potently soft. They charge the line very easily, even with a line of superior numbering, they allow to cast against the wind and they have monoplate rings with a special bath (DLC) that makes them incredibly soft, making the line run at a higher speed with a low coefficient of friction. This aspect is one of the most relevant when casting with this rod model. These rods are prepared for fishing in salt water both for its power to deal with large fish, and for the anti-corrosion treatment of its rings. The 9 models of the Maxia TC range from line number 5 to number 12 and 9 feet for sea fishing from a boat. There are 6 models in 9 feet and three in 10 feet, for fishing from the marine coast or from float tube or kayak. These models are on lines 7 and 8, very suitable for these tasks. The price of the Maxia Tc is the same as the Mx model, € 495. ULTRA NYMPH & ULTRA DRY SERIES and AQUA SERIES The Ultra Nymph models are rods for nymphing with the European style Czech Nymphing at a cheaper price than its predecessors MX. The series is reduced to 8 rod models, 4 for the nymph and 4 more (Ultra Dry series) for dry fly and streamer fishing. As in the previous models are very light canes (all in weight of seventy-odd grams or two ounces and peak) except the 11-foot that by its length weighs about 10 grams more than its companions. The blank is quality and is a series designed exclusively for the competition where a large number of rods are required to practice the different modalities, dry, nymph, streamer in lakes, fishing with chironomids etc … The models are mostly in 3 sections and only one in 4 sections. They are prices even more contained than their predecessors and the entire series has a price per rod of € 395.

The AQUA series is an economical series for fishermen who want to buy a Maxia rod at an affordable price. It consists of 10 models in 3 and 4 sections and in pesos from 3/4 to 8/9. As the reader will see here, each rod is suitable for two line weights. While any rod in the market is suitable to cast a number more fishing line or a number less, these rods do not have a weight as defined as their predecessors that are at another price. This does not detract from its quality at all (the technology is similar although it is not the same blank or rod) but fits this model of cane to a more economical and versatile model very suitable for fishermen who do not want to spend so much on the purchase of your rod Maxia or fishermen who want a rod of indisputable quality at a really competitive price. The models range from purist fishing of dry fly to long rods for Czech Nymphing, fishing in lakes or in float tubes. It is a series designed for freshwater but it also has models to be used in fishing in the sea from wading on the beach for fish such as sea bass or other coastal predators.

~ Carles V.

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