These made up of braided nylon thread, are my long favorites for many reasons. In fact I started using a Roman Moser leader in my first adventures with a fly rod and over the years and my experiences, I went back to using them in all my fishing to dry fly, wet fly and nymph.

The braided leaders are very soft, if they are holes they despise the water with ease, they are greasable increasing their buoyancy already high and their impermeability, they are not expensive and they have a long useful life.

The braided leader is individually served in three measures, 1mt, 1.5mts and 1.80mts. Given my preference for long lows I use the 1.80mts. The leader comes with a final ring of the same nylon with which it is built that serves to tie a monofilament of 22 or 20% to continue with 18% and finally 15% in the measures that the fisherman prefers. I put some 80cm of 20% then about 75cm of 17% and finally about 2mts of 15%. In total about 5.4mts between bass and fishing line.

The leader launches the fly with a flawless smoothness, great precision and being greased floats perfectly. Contrary to what many think, trout does not attach importance to bass but to the perfect drift of the artificial. On the other hand the fly is distant from the braided leader to more than three meters, which are more than enough. The trout, of course, sees the leader but what interests him because it is what he eats, it is the fly that tied to a 15% of 2 meters of length derives perfectly and with the suitable lance, without dredging during a good part of its route. It is also of special importance that it is a somewhat elastic low and therefore dampens well the shaking of a large fish.

To grease it (if you like, since it is not essential because it is hollow and when making false sets the water gets expelled) I use MUCILIN SILICONE and in its defect any grease to grease a fly line or a flotabilizer of grease for hair flies or Lion’s cock feathers.

At present the brand that used always has disappeared of the market by death of the person who made them. The braided leaders of Castor were an excellent low hollows and carefully made with quality materials, disappearing these other brands and other prices.

To my taste the brand that can replace the previous one is GUY PLAS (Bas de ligne Tissé), then the legendary Orvis (good hollow low but expensive), another mark to take into account is RAGOT and finally Roman Moser at a distance of the three previous ones.

One particular aspect to highlight is its durability. I have braided leaders with more than 15 years. As the part that breaks and suffers most is the final thread part in the last three diameters, it is okay to make as many changes per new thread as is appropriate.

I fish with these lows as much to dry fly, where to my way of seeing they are invincible like with nymph and indicator of sting of plasticine. The extended throws and corrections come out perfectly with this braided nylon bass.

One aspect that I want to mention not to neglect it is the fishing with a wet fly. In this case any leader that is used should be shorter than for fishing the nymph or the dry fly. The length of a wet fly leader should not exceed 3 meters or the length of our reed. Since the fish stings downstream or upside down, the dive is not as good as when it comes to a dry fly and therefore the bass should be shorter to try as soon as possible the fish that has caught our fly. With a length of 5 or more meters there is too much loose thread and there are many chances that the fish will get stuck and escape.

When fishing is not to be done with a single braided leader on the reel, we must get some more spare so that in the event of an accident where the bass is very battered and needs to be repaired we can do it comfortably at home and even more If the trout or shrimp are active and therefore chopping. Otherwise we will lose precious time.

A very useful tool to carry on the fishing vest, is a stylus pencil. It is a pencil-like tool or a Bic pen that goes with a cap like the pen to cover the needle point that is made of steel so that we do not get stuck with it, given the extreme fineness of the tip. This pencil will help us to undo many knots and messes that are formed by hooks, by bad throws, by the wind or simply a trout tangled in the net. It is extremely useful and I would almost say indispensable.

~ Carles V.

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